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"I am an international Culture Producer, Curator and Visionary Multi-Artist educated from young age in Classical Music, Performing Arts, Classical Ballet & Dance, Theatre and Fine Arts. I have worked at wide spectrum around the areas of my creative education and training, concentrating my skills on producing, culture production, creating visionary global concepts, content creation and social media. Brand awareness and marketing are my skills as well as communication at wide spectrum."


DISCLAIMER: Graak … Mustakallio same stuff. Riikka Rigulio. It can ge a bit tricky.

Riikka was born and raised in Finland at the Capital Region, where she started her intense artistic training at a very young age. Riikka moved to UK early 2001. She enrolled to the Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honours in Fine Arts at the University of Northumbria at Newcastle, but wanted to make films instead of Fine Arts and moved to London at late 2002 to study Film and Photography. 

2003 she was granted a place at the Bachelor of Arts with Honours Degree in Film&Video at the prestigious University of Arts London, London College of Communication -alumn 2006, ranked as the Best Arts University in the World at time. She was taught by the cult filmmakers William Raban and Ken McMullen concentrating her studies on Fiction Directing and Editing, her directing works crossing borders with Fine Art Film and Classical Film making.

2005. The first freelancing jobs as an Editor and Camera Person starting at spring 2005 were part of "Bee on TV", a new online broadcasting platform created in London by the Artistic Director Anthony Biggs. She therefore continued editing documentary and short films on the side while working as a talent scout.


2010. Riikka took a full-time position in Finland as an Editor, and Camera Person moving onto Directing and Vision Mixing Multi-Camera (manned and robocam) Live Broadcasts, Editing TV adverts and doing In-Studio Sound Recording and Sound Design and Audio Post-Production and Animation. She was responsible on Animating, Editing and Online Editing weekly "Jokakoti" series for MTV3, as well as Directing and Solo Shooting interviews with Minna Kuukka. She worked strictly on brand guidelines when creating visual concepts for video productions and corporate films and animations.

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2012. Early 2012 she relocated back to UK and landed a job at a Global Conferencing Corporation creating Online Broadcast. Her position as a Web Event Services Consultant soon became Web Event Services Project Manager and there after Digital Media Producer. Her task was running the full global online productions of conferences, either on location with Live Video Crews, remote producing, or using VC-Units. She'd be the first point of contact with the client communication on CEO-Level with the largest corporations in the world and handled white cloves events- The area of responsibility was mainly in EMEA and APAC regions, but she'd also overtake ASIA and US productions. Her speciality was the Scandinavian market.

Her other responsibilities were concept design, branding and graphic designing. She created highly successful marketing plans for Scandinavian markets and successfully worked assisting the pre-sales. Other responsibilities were live studio and on-location filming, editing, animating, sound recording, sound designing, audio post-production, and photography. She trained her colleagues on camera work, studio shooting and graphic design using photoshop.

She also worked with her team intensely with the Israelian developers of the Unified Broadcasting Platform producing ideas and testing them in practise. She worked in teams brainstorming and predicting Future Trends and Possibilities of Digital Media Production and Conferencing, making Hypothesis and Futuristic Highly Visionary Digital Concepts until late 2015 when she moved back to Finland

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2012 Riikka attended a Guerilla Filmmakers Master Class in London and hooked up with a group of Indie Filmmakers as Lance Nielsen, Andrew Kristy, Alex Tabrizi, Malte Rosendahl and joined the crew of Indie Film "The Journey" starring Jason Flemyng and Duncan Pow. The film premiered late 2014 at the London Curzon Soho Cinema.

2015 Riikka opened her 1st Solo Art Exhibition at the Parallax Art Fair at Chelsea Old Town Hall, London under her artistic name "Rigulio Graak". Soon after she joined the accomplished "Art Society Soho" Artist Society exhibiting with the group of artists and attending arty shenanigans regularly. She took part in a World Wide Arts competition by Artavita receiving a shared 2nd place out of approx. 1300 entrants and was invited to exhibit in Miami and NYC.

Artist site at www.lovegraak.com Instagram: @rigulio_graak_art

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2015. Late 2015 Riikka moved to Finland and was hit with a massive culture shock so she returned to her maternity leave.

2016 she returned to freelancing as an editor and graphic designer, and creating branding and concept design for webcasting environments. She continued producing her artistic work as Rigulio Graak. Summer 2016 she had her Solo Exhibition in Berlin where she met a dancer Aldina Michelle Topcagic whom together with Claudia Iglesias Ungo produced a "Timeless in Space Berlin" dance intervention photographed by Graak. Aldina and Rigulio there after put up "Art Alive Kulturverein" association in August 2016 in Austria which Graak later that year departed, and produced two artistic dance works "Crossing Mediums the Beginning" and "Timeless in Space Helsinki".


2017 Riikka pitched an idea of Globalising Art Society Soho concept and at late spring got a sponsorship and support from the Korjaamo Culture Factory to run the society's meetings and artistic events and exhibitions at their premises. "Art Society Soho Helsinki" (ASS-H) was launched at August 2017 and was shortly granted a Culture Fund from Helsinki City towards an Installation and Multidisciplinary Performance "Magic Forest". The Installation was created at the inner yard and entrance of the Korjaamo Culture Factory and the first performance was established before the end of the year.

2018 ASS-H opened with an Exhibition "Shapes of Abstract" at Korjaamo Culture Factory. In April Graak joint forces with "The Cult House" in London, Independently Culture Producing showcases and performances for the artist Collective. ASS-H headed to London to exhibit and perform "In-Fusion" showcase. ASS-H performers will join forces in September with "The New Artist Fair" in London and soon after will open a futuristic multidisciplinary exhibition in Helsinki.

ASS-H www.artsocietysohohelsinki.com FB: Art Society Soho Helsinki. Instagram: @artsocietysohohelsinki

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In May 2018 Graak founded "Women Artists Born Global Network" with her fellow Artist, Artistic Director, and her childhood best friend Heidi Roschier aka. "Artist Voyage" who has been a key figure as a 2nd Art Director and Assistant Producer at ASS-H. WABGNET has been growing in numbers of Global women artists, exhibiting and creating events in Helsinki, performing live in London, and continues to promote women artists at the

Women Artists Born Global Network www.wabg.net Instagram: @WABGNET

Succesfully running the Art Society Soho Helsinki and creating installations, events, performances and exhibitions in Helsinki and London, one year later the Culture Factory Korjaamo granted me the rights to be the gallerist at the Culture Factory Korjaamo gallery from mid september 2018 onwards.


2019 Mustakallio started Service Design studies and concept design at the Energy and Environment sector. She has a set of concept in writing and a set of exciting ideas brewing.

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